Coffee & Snack Counter

Coffee, Snack, Convenience CounterHogan’s General Store’s Coffee and Snack Counter offers Coffee, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Klement’s Chicago Dogs, Bratwurst, and Polish Sausage, Hot Pizza Slices, Homemade Breakfast Sandwiches, Pastries, Single Serve Sodas, Milks, Waters, Juices, and Energy Drinks

If you are on the go, Hogan’s Coffee and Snack Counter can get you back on the road in minutes with a tasty treat and something to drink! Coffee can also be ordered through our convenient drive-up window on request.

It all starts with great beans!

Victor Allen's CoffeeHogan’s is proud to serve ONLY Victor Allen’s Premium Coffee and Cappuccinos!

Our beans are great due to Victor Allen’s consistent unwavering dedication and passion. From bean selection to unparalleled roasting techniques to superior packaging that guarantees roaster freshness, the attention to detail that goes into every ounce of Victor Allen’s Coffee ensures the highest level of quality for our customers.