About Hogan's General Store

Tom and Stacey Hogan are enthusiastic after four years of business about managing and working at Hogan’s General Store in the beautiful Northwoods, and have appreciated all the support they have received from the community! Purchasing this store made possible a family dream to relocate from Utah and live full-time in Manitowish Waters.

Tom grew up in Milwaukee where he vacationed in Manitowish Waters throughout his entire childhood. After meeting Stacey in Utah in the 90s, and bringing her here on vacation, she too fell in love with the area and the people. The couple purchased a home in the area in 2005 and have enjoyed their time here ever since.

The Hogan family searched for many years for exactly the right business opportunity that would allow them to move to Manitowish Waters year-round and raise their youngest child in such beautiful and friendly surroundings. Please stop in and say Hi! The  Hogans are available daily at their store.